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Why use a Commercial Painting Contractor?


When it comes to the renovations or rebranding of your business, a carefully chosen commercial painting contractor will save you time and money. At Prime Painting Group we can help you at every step, from initial colour choice, Signage, and painting. We will arrange all permits and deal with any Councils and Power authorities, thus saving you more time and money! AND, we will do this within your budget!

Most often, many small businesses will take on the painting tasks themselves because they are on a budget and want to save money. This can often end up costing more than what you thought. We find that many of our clients that first started out with their paint job have spent far more money than they would by using a commercial painting contractor in the first place. Your time is far better spent working on your business, leave the painting to Prime Painting Group for a much better job that your customers will love. Presentation is everything in business and if you get this vital first impression wrong, it can be disastrous for your business.

What often ends up happening is the surface they are going to paint has not been prepared properly. Then the wrong paint is chosen, and the paint application isn’t satisfactory. We often find that one or more of these mishaps occur when the paint job is completed by a non-professional. The outcome from each of them can vary, but they all create negative aspects.

Usually, the finished look is not appealing, and the final paint job enhances the flaws that were present as a result of the surface not being prepared properly. The wrong paint choice can involve the quality, the texture and the colour of the paints. Any one of these mistakes brings disappointment. Improper application of the paint is certainly noticeable and can result in reducing the longevity of the paint application. None of these results end up in saving money, and all can be avoided if a Melbourne commercial painting contractor was to do the job.