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Using a Roller


Paint rollers are generally used to apply paint to large flat areas, such as Ceilings and Walls. Choose a short nap roller (11 – 15mm) for smooth plaster surfaces, a medium pile (15 – 18mm) for slightly rougher surfaces or a long nap (18 – 25mm) for Textured surfaces.

Rollers can also be used to apply paint to flush doors, and baby Rollers can even be used on Panel Doors, Window sills and other wide pieces of timber or steel.

Standard Rollers leave an orange peel finish as opposed to the smooth finish of a brush.

Of course before rolling a surface you will need to use a brush to cut in the edges. It’s also a good idea to cover your floors and furniture, as rollers tend to splash and leave a fine overspray.

The correct way to apply paint with a roller is by using overlapping diagonal strokes to spread the paint evenly. Finish with full length strokes (laying off).