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Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring A Painting Service Provider


Giving your time to view these points can be beneficial to save your precious time and money both by avoiding poor contracting services. Sometimes people hire the wrong company in a haste, which leads to loss of money. The truth is that there are so many unregistered companies in the market so you hire inexperienced and unqualified workers, and they pretend them as a professional painter.

Therefore, there are some questions that you should ask from the painting contractors to stay away from the fraud ones.

#1: What Kind Of Material They Use?
There is an enormous difference in the cost and quality of paints, which influences the looks and strength. So it better you should ask for details about the product that will be used on your project as the poor quality of paint could waste your money.

#2: Should You Be Concerned With Their Crew At Home?
Most important question is to enquire about the employees working at your home as to whether your home and stuff will be safe. Because there have been many cases around the country, where workers steal and even killed the homeowner, as some bad employees may have a criminal background.

#3: Are The Workers On Project Employees Or Subcontractor?
Subcontractors are usually paid a flat fee; therefore, contractors hire subcontractors instead of hiring employees because it cuts their overall cost while saving tax and employee reimbursement, which leads to more risk for a house and your belongings. For this cause, it is superior to hire a painting contractor having true employees.

#4: Ask If They Have Insurance?
Painting contractors should possess two types of insurance:

  • Comprehensive Business Liability, which protects any damage in your property by the contractor
  • Workmen’s Compensation, to protect the workers while working at your property

The contractor who does not hold this insurance should be avoided. If you are not sure about the validity of a contractor’s insurance, call and confirm the validity of an insurance company.

#5: How Much Time Do They Need To Finish Your Job?
Professional contractors probably have at least 4-5 employees working at your place. Sometimes it may be more depending on the workload. You should know the proper time when they will be finishing your work So that you can plan further. Time is essential for your future planning.

#6: Do They Have A Written Safety Program?
This is important even if the contractor holds proper insurance paper because any kind of accident while working can cause interruption or even end your work. Unsafe work can cause damage to your property. The best way to stay out of risk is to ask for their safety policy manual of the contractor.


Hiring a certified professional contractor will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. There will always be a balance of cost, quality and schedule, so consider which is most important to you. We at Prime Painting Group offer the best quality work with experienced painters.