Paint Stripping

Every time you repaint a surface, a little more thickness is added to the existing layers. This build up of successive layers of paint can eventually lead to problems, including clogging of detailing and the moving parts of doors and windows start to bind and catch against their frames. Anyone with an old house that has double hung sash windows will know exactly what I am talking about. When this happens, it is time to strip the paint back to bare wood and start again.

In the past using a blow torch was the most popular method to strip paint, however these days electric heat guns are commonly used. Alternatively, a chemical paint stripper can be used. Most Paint strippers contain dimethylene chloride or caustic soda. You must wear the correct safety gear when stripping paint. Heavy duty Industrial gloves, Safety Glasses, an Apron or disposable coveralls and steel cap boots.

You should have access to running water, in case any of the chemical gets on your skin or in your eyes. Wash with copious amounts of water. If you get any in your eyes go to a doctor asap.

Another thing to be aware of when stripping paint from old buildings, is the possibility that there will be lead based paint in a prior coating. Where possible the area to be stripped should be encapsulated, so as to catch the old paint for easy collection and disposal when you finish.

Preparing Surfaces for Painting

Preparing Surfaces for Painting

Modern paints have excellent adhesion and covering power, but to get the best from them you must prepare the surface properly. To prepare previously painted woodwork, in good condition, use a fine grit sandpaper to remove any nibs and key the surface for repainting. For woodwork that may be in worse condition use a heavier grit sandpaper to remove flaking areas, then a fine grit to feather off the edges before repainting.

Previously painted ceilings and walls are best prepared by washing with Sugar Soap or a strong household detergent. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and allow to dry.

Remove areas of flaking, bubbled or blistered paint with a scraper and sand paper. Be sure to feather off the edges or fill the edges, with polyfilla or similiar. Sand then seal the bare plaster areas before repainting.

Cracks in the surfaces should be opened up with the edge of a scraper in a v shape. This is to ensure your plastering repair will be effective . Sometimes you may need to double fill as the first layer may shrink. Then you will need to get the sandpaper again! Sand it smooth and seal prior to first coat.

Fun facts and Trivia - Colour of the week - Purple

Blue & Red mixed together gives you Purple. Here are some fun facts about Purple.

HISTORY - Purple is a colour associated with wealth and power. The original purple dye came from a Phoenician city named Tyre which is now in modern day Lebanon. The dye was made from the mucus of snails. As many as 250000 would be required to make 1 ounce of dye!

PURPLE HEART - Is of course a U.S. medal awarded to fallen or wounded soldiers. First awarded February 22 1932, more than 1.9 million have been awarded to American Service men & women.

DEEP PURPLE - English rock band formed in 1968 and still going strong. Sold more than 350 million albums. In 1974 Deep Purple were the biggest band in America.


Purple Haze - Jimi Hendrix - 1967. #3 UK charts:

Purple Rain - Prince - 1984. #1 US & UK charts

Purple People Eater - Sheb Woolley - 1958. #1 US charts, #12 UK charts

Adventures in Kaniva

So for the last 7 weeks we have been busy rejuvenating the Kaniva Shire Hall. Yes, that’s right Kaniva, 35km from the SA Border on the Western Highway, 19 km from Nhill.

This Heritage listed building was in desperate need of a refurbishment. The Shire of West Wimmerra posted a tender, which we won.

The scope of work included a complete refurbishment of both the exterior and interior of the building. The Interior walls were so bad that they crumbled when we started to scrape them down. We also had to replace half a ceiling in the Old Chambers that had a hole in it.

Day 1 was spent travelling for 5 hours, then setting up base camp at the Mcracken family farm house. Many thanks to Rob & Judy for letting my crew stay there.

Day 2 - Site Induction and set up. After going through the site job file, and helping to establish the ground rules for the job, I headed back to Whittlesea, leaving Jake in charge.

Jake and Zac proceeded to carry out plaster repairs, while Adam and Tyler followed through with the painting.

Tyler is a local boy that wandered in looking for some work. I admired his gumption, so gave him a casual labourers position.

I visited the site weekly to check on progress and quality. On my week 3 visit, I thought the boys deserved a bit of a reward, so we went to the local pub for a meal. I discovered that Zac drinks like a fish!, and I was the first to retire from the innings!

Very surprised to see them all on the job bright and early next day.

Seven weeks later, we hand over the job, and everyone is very happy. Local council were a pleasure to deal with. Thanks Trent and Bernie.

Big thanks to the team, Jake, Zac, Adam, Ahmet and Tyler.

Edwardian Renovation in Hughesdale

Edwardian Renovation in Hughesdale

One of our latest projects is an Edwardian home in Hughesdale that needed upgrading.

Every Room had wallpaper, which we removed. The walls in this old house crumbled in parts as we took the wallpaper off. Our resident plastering pro, Jake, returned the walls to as new condition. Then Shannon and Jake finished the painting to a very high standard.

See our Gallery for a look at the finished product.

Best of Houzz 2019


Awarded Best Of Houzz 2019


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Why is Preparation so important?

The key to a great job, is in the preparation, so we make sure that all external works are pressure cleaned before we move to the next step.

After the building has been washed, it is very important to remove any signs of Flaking, Blistering, Crazed or Cracked paint. We do this by using Mechanical Sanders or Hand Sanding and Scraping.

In some situations, Sanding may cause a spark or you may not want dust particles to get into your equipment. In this situation we will use a wet sanding method or eco - friendly paint stripper.

Then we can get our paint brushes out, to apply Primer to any bare spots. After this dries, we can then fill any holes or gaps. Another light sand then start to paint.