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How Much Does It Cost To Paint Your Home’s Exterior in Melbourne?

Exterior Painting

How much would it cost to paint the exteriors of your property? We are sure you have used Google umpteen times to get a cost estimate if you are looking to take up an exterior painting project for your home. You’d be aware of the basic factors that decide upon the cost of exterior paintjob such as the size of the property and its type. Brick homes cost less to paint as compared to a timber house. The cost of exterior house typically reflects the value of the home.

The range of prices can be:

  • $15 to $45 per square metre for brick exteriors
  • $12 to $60 per square metre for timber exteriors

There are several other factors that would decide upon the cost residential painting in Melbourne. It is important for you to keep these things in mind before you talk to exterior house painters Melbourne. Here are some of them –

·         Surface Preparation – House painters in Melbourne start the job with surface preparation and the condition of the surface would dictate the labour costs. Heavily degraded surfaces or one where there is mould infestation requires additional effort in scarping and sanding and this adds to the overall cost.

·         Removing Hazardous Coating – Lead based paint is common in old properties that were built in the 1970s or prior. Being a hazardous substance it requires additional safety measures on part of the painters to ensure safety of the occupants and hence this costs more.

·         Access to the Site – The accessibility of the exterior walls of the property often determines the cost of painting. If the exterior walls are not easily accessible or the painters can work only few hours to ensure comfort the tenants or prevent disruption to home business the cost of painting would increase.

·         Height Access – Let’s put it straight, taller properties don’t necessarily cost more to paint. What decides upon the cost is how easily the painting contractors can access the upper levels of the property. If they can use their height access equipment freely and need to depend only on ladders it increases the complexity of job and also the cost.

·         General Repairs – As you’d know general repairs are always part of exterior residential painting in Melbourne. The painting contractor would be able to basic repair work but in case you have rotten timber or severe damage to brick or render, specialists would need to be hired to handle these jobs and this will increase the costs.

What Can Bring Down The Cost?

Ø  Low Set Homes – When the painter doesn’t need to use height access equipment or scaffolding as is the case with low set homes the cost of exterior painting is less.

Ø  Same Colour –If you aren’t changing the colour of your exterior walls, doors and windows it will cost you less as less effort go into surface preparation and also a single coat of paint is enough in most cases.

Ø  Surface Condition – If there is no mould infestation or little repair work needs to be done on the surface it will help in keeping costs low.

To sum up it is important for you to choose reputable exterior house painters in Melbourne. Apart from offering you best value for money they would also ensure high quality paintjob.

Summary – In this write-up we look at some of the ways in which you can figure out the cost of exterior painting and how exterior house painters in Melbourne charge you.