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Fun facts and Trivia – Colour of the week – Purple


Blue & Red mixed together gives you Purple. Here are some fun facts about Purple.

HISTORY – Purple is a colour associated with wealth and power. The original purple dye came from a Phoenician city named Tyre which is now in modern day Lebanon. The dye was made from the mucus of snails. As many as 250000 would be required to make 1 ounce of dye!

PURPLE HEART – Is of course a U.S. medal awarded to fallen or wounded soldiers. First awarded February 22 1932, more than 1.9 million have been awarded to American Service men & women.

DEEP PURPLE – English rock band formed in 1968 and still going strong. Sold more than 350 million albums. In 1974 Deep Purple were the biggest band in America.


Purple Haze – Jimi Hendrix – 1967. #3 UK charts:

Purple Rain – Prince – 1984. #1 US & UK charts

Purple People Eater – Sheb Woolley – 1958. #1 US charts, #12 UK charts