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Adventures in Kaniva

Heritage Restoration , Interior Painting , Plaster Repairs

So for the last 7 weeks, we have been busy rejuvenating the Kaniva Shire Hall. Yes, that’s right Kaniva, 35km from the SA Border on the Western Highway, 19 km from Nhill.

This Heritage listed building was in desperate need of a refurbishment. The Shire of West Wimmera posted a tender, which we won.

The scope of work included a complete refurbishment of both the exterior and interior of the building. The Interior walls were so bad that they crumbled when we started to scrape them down. We also had to replace half a ceiling in the Old Chambers that had a hole in it.

Day 1 was spent traveling for 5 hours, then set up base camp at the McCracken family farmhouse. Many thanks to Rob & Judy for letting my crew stay there.

Day 2 – Site Induction and set up. After going through the site job file, and helping to establish the ground rules for the job, I headed back to Whittlesea, leaving Jake in charge.

Jake and Zac proceeded to carry out plaster repairs, while Adam and Tyler followed through with the painting.

Tyler is a local boy that wandered in looking for some work. I admired his gumption, so I gave him a casual labourers position.

I visited the site weekly to check on progress and quality. On my week 3 visit, I thought the boys deserved a bit of a reward, so we went to the local pub for a meal. I discovered that Zac drinks like a fish!, and I was the first to retire from the innings!

Very surprised to see them all on the job bright and early the next day.

Seven weeks later, we hand over the job, and everyone is very happy. The local council were a pleasure to deal with. Thanks, Trent and Bernie.

Big thanks to the team, Jake, Zac, Adam, Ahmet, and Tyler.